I first cosplayed some years ago now, back in….gosh….2006. For the MCM Midlands Expo, I bought the top, then made the rest, for a Suigintou cosplay.

Emo shot xD

Suigintou is the ‘baddy’ character from Rozen Maiden….an anime series I actually thought was as boring as it’s main character, a dirty little-black-haired-nasty-to-his-sister-knob called Jun….(sorry fans). BUT Suigintou really caught my imagination, and was a nice addition to a sea of…well…dolls. It is a shame…the idea behind the anime is quite cool… ANYWAY!!!!

These photos were taken January 2010….’cause it was snowing!! AND I LOVE SNOW. SNOW SNOW SNOW 🙂

I did however, manage to fall over just before this shot…and I was SO COLD I thought my butt was gonna turn to ice.

My Nanny helped me make the wings, and I made the petticoat for underneath, as well as socks, and added the exciting white sleeves. I’m crap at sewing, and can’t afford ready made ones….so for May Expo I will likely cosplay with something I already have. 🙂 Comments and advice would be appreciated!!