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I get most my anime from there, and I know anime-access have xxxHolic Rou, so you can find it there x

* Hyperventilates  *

It’s here. Finally. After being postponed (originally meant to come with Volume16) xxxHolic Rou, the OAD (Original Animation DVD) will be released in Japan along with Volume 17 of the manga. 23rd April.

So. Excite.

I’m not sure where I’ll be able to watch it, but I usually watch things in RAW, then later subbed, at Anilinkz.

Here’s the ending song…with random screenshots. It’s so sad 😦

Here’s Kodansha’s official site, with lovely screenshots and the official trailer…CLICK MEH.

Official Site

It’s a little scary seeing Watanuki in such outfits, but I won’t ruin it all for you if you haven’t read the manga. Do watch the anime though!!

If you don’t know the story….I’m sure I can enlighten you —————————->

My favourite character is, of course, Mokona. Although Yuuko comes in at a close second.

Mokona Madoki

Sake guzzling, and all round funny guy, I spit on all those who prefer white-I’m so boring all I do is eat apples-white mokona.


Anyway. Watch it.