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Hetalia, Purikura!?!

Yep that’s right. Just heard there will be a Hetalia: Axis Powers Purikura booth in Animate, Japan! It’s for a limited time only so if you’re over there, and you like Hetalia (personally not a fan), here’s your info.

The Booth

Head over to the above site for more pictures.

So basically, about 10 limited edition purikura booths in and around Animate stores. Those listed were….

Sendai                                  Nihonbashi

Akihabara                            Miyazaki

Kyoto                                    Takamatsu

Utsunomiya                        Sasebo





It will be 500yen for a go 🙂 Hope there’s one near you!


Summer Season 2010

So. Been a while since my last post, but was getting excited about the summer season of anime!!

I was personally disappointed with Spring, for one I wasn’t happy about the 3rd season of Hetalia. Yet more incessant slapstick crap with characters as formulaic and boring as the last. *cough* I do quite like England though. The continuations were welcome, xxxHolic Rou, Darker than Black and the lovely K-ON for example.

ANYWAY. First things first, SENGOKU BASARA! That is, the second season. Based on a game, nice little anime about the Warring States period in Japan, and the politics between clans, oh and the simple matter of a mad Demon King. Awesome. Please check out the opening, hilarious, and brill song *long live Abingdon Boys School* CLICKIE HERE!

There’s Kuroshitsuji 2, which I’m sure many of you will be excited by, though…well I might just give it a miss. I’ve never liked the whole fan-girling over a very typical male sexual tension relationship that isn’t really there, and don’t forget to put the main male character in a dress. Can’t complain too much, I enjoyed the first season simply for the Victorian setting-they used some really interesting folk tales and historical context.

Shiki looks pretty cool, nice art work and a mysterious sounding story. Def. check out if you like recurring incidents in small towns. 🙂

Strike Witches 2. Save me bloody now. My mate adores this series, but SERIOUSLY?  14 year old girls….knickers showing, with mech attached to the legs? Sorry for being a stickler, but no matter how good a story line I’ve always found it really hard to look past stuff like that.

High School of the Dead—-HA! Brilliant! Just read the description. Can’t wait 🙂 Seems the Manga was a hit too.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin and Nurarihyon no Mago look interesting, I’m a big fan of occult and folk story anime.

Anyway enough bore from me. Check em out, and tell me, which are you looking forward to??