So. Been a while since my last post, but was getting excited about the summer season of anime!!

I was personally disappointed with Spring, for one I wasn’t happy about the 3rd season of Hetalia. Yet more incessant slapstick crap with characters as formulaic and boring as the last. *cough* I do quite like England though. The continuations were welcome, xxxHolic Rou, Darker than Black and the lovely K-ON for example.

ANYWAY. First things first, SENGOKU BASARA! That is, the second season. Based on a game, nice little anime about the Warring States period in Japan, and the politics between clans, oh and the simple matter of a mad Demon King. Awesome. Please check out the opening, hilarious, and brill song *long live Abingdon Boys School* CLICKIE HERE!

There’s Kuroshitsuji 2, which I’m sure many of you will be excited by, though…well I might just give it a miss. I’ve never liked the whole fan-girling over a very typical male sexual tension relationship that isn’t really there, and don’t forget to put the main male character in a dress. Can’t complain too much, I enjoyed the first season simply for the Victorian setting-they used some really interesting folk tales and historical context.

Shiki looks pretty cool, nice art work and a mysterious sounding story. Def. check out if you like recurring incidents in small towns. πŸ™‚

Strike Witches 2. Save me bloody now. My mate adores this series, but SERIOUSLY?Β  14 year old girls….knickers showing, with mech attached to the legs? Sorry for being a stickler, but no matter how good a story line I’ve always found it really hard to look past stuff like that.

High School of the Dead—-HA! Brilliant! Just read the description. Can’t wait πŸ™‚ Seems the Manga was a hit too.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin and Nurarihyon no Mago look interesting, I’m a big fan of occult and folk story anime.

Anyway enough bore from me. Check em out, and tell me, which are you looking forward to??