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Hetalia, Purikura!?!

Yep that’s right. Just heard there will be a Hetalia: Axis Powers Purikura booth in Animate, Japan! It’s for a limited time only so if you’re over there, and you like Hetalia (personally not a fan), here’s your info.

The Booth


Head over to the above site for more pictures.

So basically, about 10 limited edition purikura booths in and around Animate stores. Those listed were….

Sendai                                  Nihonbashi

Akihabara                            Miyazaki

Kyoto                                    Takamatsu

Utsunomiya                        Sasebo





It will be 500yen for a go 🙂 Hope there’s one near you!


プリクラ~ Fun Fun!

Chu ❤

Purikura, or Purinto Kurabu, is the Japanese photo booth craze where you take lots of photos with

Friend Fun!

friends, then you can decorate the pictures!

It’s so much fun, and I experienced it first in Shibuya, Tokyo. Luckily I had Japanese people with me, so they could translate the instructions!

But where can you do it in Britain? Well there was a little shop in the Birmingham Pallasades, but my favourite place is in China Town, London!

Most people only know about the small Chinese machine downstairs, but I only recently found out that going up the escalator takes you to a whole beautiful new world 🙂

Japanese Machines, slightly more expensive…


Family Fun